Ferrari 812 Superfast 2018 UK review

Ferrari 812 Superfast

The Ferrari 812 Superfast

Flagship V12 Ferrari is highly strung but staggeringly fast and utterly thrilling on UK roads. Certainly not an everyday driver – but all the more epic as a result

The Ferrari 812 Superfast makes a bit of a mockery of the way we classify the exotic car market. We call it a ‘super GT’ car because it’s got a longways V12 engine up front and a boot at the back, and so it’s cars such as the Aston Martin Vanquish S we compare it with most closely. And, for obvious reasons, we expect it to be primarily fit for the purposes of fast grand touring.But – like every one of its direct predecessors I’ve ever driven, going back to the 575M – the 812 Superfast doesn’t care to fit in. It has its own agenda, its own reasons for being – and they’re pretty convincing reasons. Because this is Maranello’s most powerful and expensive series-production model; it’s nothing like any other GT car on sale. It feels wide on the road and it’s as fast and exciting as any mid-engined supercar you’re ever likely to drive – not to mention more highly strung than many.Our first drive on Italian roads came in June last year, when the car’s new electric power steering and retuned four-wheel steering system seemed to combine very cleverly to answer the hair-raising dynamic shortcomings of the limited-series F12tdf. Back then, the 812 felt like a more natural-feeling, rounded car to drive even than the F12.But what about on British roads, in right-hand drive – and on a drizzly, chilly day in March? …read more

Source:: Autocar

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